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Friends & Colleagues

These are some of the people and organizations that inspire, touch, warm and support me; people I collaborate with and am proud to call my friends.


Beth Alexander

Steve Borsch: Connecting the Dots

Bridget Brewer

Alan Briskin

Alan Briskin: The Power of Our Collective Wisdom

Kara Brown: Divinely Guided

Pele Chadima & FireHawk Hulin: Resonance

Ashley Cooper: Easily Amazed

Chris Corrigan

Jay Cross

Julie Daly: Unabashedly Female

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Bob Dickman & Richard Maxwell: Elements of Persuasion

Brian Duggan: ConferenceBites

Debbie Duggan

Dave Pollard: How to Save the World

Beth Kanter

Craig & Patricia Neal: Heartland Circle

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Howard Rheingold’s vlog

Steve Roberts: CoolMindWarmHeart

David Sibbet

Karen Speerstra: Our Luminous Ground

Gisela Wendling: Liminal Songlines

Nancy White: Full Circle Online Interaction

Patricia Yenawine


Berrett Koehler

Collective Wisdom Initiative

The Power of Collective Wisdom

The Powers of Place Initiative

The World Cafe



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The Arica School
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We the Media Wiki


A recent blog post by brilliant non-profit social media guru Beth Kanter points to a project she’s doing with NTEN (Non-profit Technology Newtwork), We Are Media, a wiki-based handbook of aggregated knowledge for applying social media tools in non-profits.

What’s beautiful about this project is not only how very helpful it is for those of us braving the complexities of helping people with mixed technological skills/interest/abilities integrate social media tools in their work, or its open invitation to be part of something creative, collaborative and exciting, or even its generosity in being offered free to all as part of the ever-growing and delightful "gift economy".

What’s beautiful about this project, and one of many beautiful things about Beth herself, is how simple and clean it is. She makes the field totally accessible in a no-muss, no-fuss kind of way. She’s just that kind of girl. 🙂

Stewards Dialogue

Right now I am in the beautiful and relaxing Marconi conference center, right on the water in Tomales Bay, West Marin, gathering with long-term hosts and friends of the World Café to explore how to best steward it into the future together.

There is a tremendous energy of cohesiveness engendered by this
gathering of 70+ people from all over the world with participants
coming from all over the US, from Singapore, China, Mexico, Brazil,
Ecuador, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, & Australia. Each
voice is a representative part of the global community of practice
working with this deceptively simple dialogue process.

Today a question came up that I think has resonance for all of us
who work in the field of transformation; “What is the deeper spirit and
practice that would help us connect with other global communities that
also care for the whole?” I wrote about what came from our working of
this question in the collective Stewardship Dialogue blog.