About Amy

I live in Richmond, California, where I spend most days communing with my imagination via a computer screen, practicing my art at Clear Light Communications and weDialogue.

I work with people and organizations all over the world, helping them engage online to convey what’s most important to them and connect with others in increasingly heart-full and meaningful ways.

I am fascinated by what is possible with this new medium of light and language, what its role might be in the conscious creation of the “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” (to quote Charles Eisenstein).

My passion is in aligning with the creative life force to send seed messages out into the universe … like pulses or smoke signals that are able to reach whoever is listening or watching for them. I pray that my work may evoke an awareness of our place in the universe and nurture a profound connection with Life in all those who are touched by it.

Thank you for being here; I welcome your thoughts. Reach me via email: moc.s1519132658eugol1519132658aidyt1519132658uaeb@1519132658yma1519132658