Stewards Dialogue

Right now I am in the beautiful and relaxing Marconi conference center, right on the water in Tomales Bay, West Marin, gathering with long-term hosts and friends of the World Café to explore how to best steward it into the future together.

There is a tremendous energy of cohesiveness engendered by this
gathering of 70+ people from all over the world with participants
coming from all over the US, from Singapore, China, Mexico, Brazil,
Ecuador, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, & Australia. Each
voice is a representative part of the global community of practice
working with this deceptively simple dialogue process.

Today a question came up that I think has resonance for all of us
who work in the field of transformation; “What is the deeper spirit and
practice that would help us connect with other global communities that
also care for the whole?” I wrote about what came from our working of
this question in the collective Stewardship Dialogue blog.

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