We the Media Wiki


A recent blog post by brilliant non-profit social media guru Beth Kanter points to a project she’s doing with NTEN (Non-profit Technology Newtwork), We Are Media, a wiki-based handbook of aggregated knowledge for applying social media tools in non-profits.

What’s beautiful about this project is not only how very helpful it is for those of us braving the complexities of helping people with mixed technological skills/interest/abilities integrate social media tools in their work, or its open invitation to be part of something creative, collaborative and exciting, or even its generosity in being offered free to all as part of the ever-growing and delightful "gift economy".

What’s beautiful about this project, and one of many beautiful things about Beth herself, is how simple and clean it is. She makes the field totally accessible in a no-muss, no-fuss kind of way. She’s just that kind of girl. 🙂


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