Are You Anybody’s Favorite Person?

This cool little micro-movie (4 minutes) by the Independent filmmaker Miranda July asks an interesting question:

While I very much appreciate the artistry of the film, and the idea of being beloved by friends and family is lovely, the premise of being someone’s "favorite" person seems a little impossibly exclusive. I’m not sure who I could point to if asked this question.

If pressed, I’d probably say my guy is my absolute favorite person (at least some of the time :-), but the truth is I have several "favorite" people in my life, all of whom are essential and deeply beloved. How about you? Do you have a favorite person? Are you somebody’s favorite? What do you think about this question?


  1. Isn’t this every person’s desire? To be someone’s favourite person? And haven’t women been raised to feel that being someone’s favourite person makes us more of value?

    The young man with the earphones has a girlfriend, yet is certain he isn’t anyone’s favourite person…

    I’ll bet that if we asked “who is your favourite person?” that question would be easily answered.

    This film make me feel that our world is really lonely.

  2. Thanks, Angelica. I appreciate your comment.

    I must admit I had the same thought about the guy with the earphones… it could be really sad having a girlfriend but knowing you aren’t her favorite person. But maybe she has a child who takes preference in the “favorite” department… you never know.

    So do you have an answer for the question?

    Thanks again for writing!


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