Another amazing VisionHolder conversation last night – these are the free phone sessions with some of the most exciting voices of our times that Heartland Circle produces every month. This time the visionary was Brian Johnson, founder and CEO of Zaadz.

This call was already going to be exciting for me, since I am a big Zaadz fan, but it exceeded all expectations. I felt like Brian had entered my dream, or more accurately perhaps it’s a collective dream we’ve both tapped into, but it felt remarkably synchronistic especially when he started talking about beauty. The words he used could have been coming out of my own mouth, and I have to tell you I don’t meet all that many people who know what I’m talking about, so this was unusual and almost swooning-level exciting for a number of reasons.

To hear this perspective being spoken by another who is first of all a man (the percentage of men who really know what I’m talking about in this area is very small), second a successful businessman, and to put the cherry on top, a successful businessman in my field who has taken the passionate dream I have for a transcendent technology and given it form, was absolute Heaven.

And it feels like the conversation has just begun…


  1. I too was excited by the “resonance” (pun intended) between Brian’s work and ours.

    What I really want to know more about is this “swooning-level” :-))

    Thanks for holding the image of wholeness here and in all you do.



  2. Ah yes, the swooning level! 🙂 I think the easiest way to say it is that it’s the recognition of the same spirit in others as one knows inside one’s self. It happens for me with you and Pele all the time. 🙂

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