Bits of Beauty

I was having an exceptionally wonderful day yesterday, and a song on the radio really captured the mood for me. I only caught a couple of lines, but they were exquisite: "There’s perfume burning in the air, Bits of Beauty everywhere…"

That seemed to sum it up for me – you know those days where the air is full of magic, and every direction you look seems suffused with beauty… there was nothing particularly exciting going on, I was just driving home from my digital photography class, looking at the pleasing symmetry of the California hills in front of me and listening to the radio turned way up loud.

I came home and Googled the song. It was a Leonard Cohen tune called Blue Alert, about that acute moment of wondrously frightening surrender; falling in love. Ahhhh. I seem to live my life on that delicious edge lately; my beloved beckons in every doorway and I rush to open the door and throw myself in.


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