Super Moon

Full-moon-risingWhere were you during the fabulous "super moon" display last month?

I was with my love-money Steve and pest-son Lee down by the bay photographing it, of course! (Lee is a logophile like his father and I – and his "other mother" Liz – and he chose this cheeky anagrammatical name for our relationship many years ago)

This first shot was taken after the moon was already high in the sky and it was beginning to get dark out, so there's greater contrast than in most of the earlier shots you can see in the gallery sequence below.


Lee"Developing" the shoot at home the next day, I was struck by this photo of Lee photgraphing an earlier view of the moon through his iPhone… in particular I was intrigued by the way the light of his screen seemed to mirror the luminescence of the moon. It was almost like he had a little moon in his hands!

I learned something new from him about iPhone photography that night when he turned me on to an app called Photosynth, which lets you take seamless panoramic shots on your iPhone in one go. I'm more and more intrigued by the possibilties offered by this easy-to-access medium since reading Al Smith's eyePhone in David du Chemin's excellent Craft & Vision e-book series.


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  1. This was one great book. I agree that McCarthy is one of the best authors of our time. However, the beauty within i find elusive; the tension and stress that the protaganist is facing at all times dominated the feeling. There are often works of art of all media that do that. Take Kubrick’s, The Clockwork Orange. One of the all time best movies, but not a feel good flick. Or Munch’s, The Scream. And on and on and on.

  2. Hi Chris & Fletcher. Thank you for both these comments.

    For me, it was the integrity in the protagonists’ relationship that Chris’ comment speaks to, yes, but even more powerfully the son’s dogged attachment to their being part of the “good guys” left in the world that made this book so beautiful.

    I loved how they identify themselves as “carriers of the fire”, and through that identification place themselves as one of “the good guys”.

    As someone who consciously aligns myself with others who I feel “carry the Light” in this world, this really spoke to me.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen A Clockwork Orange, but I don’t remember having that “beauty response” to it, even though as a writer I love Kubrick’s prose and admire his creative vitality in establishing a new language to tell his story.

  3. The ripened Beauty that flows forth is a Gift…I treasure Your introspection that you so generously and lovingly share with All of Us…

    Thank You Beautiful…Grace-filled…Amy!

  4. Congratualtions to you Amy and to all of those who worked with you in getting the Web Cafe Community up and running

    You have done a fabulous job. I know because I’m one of those 700 people who joined. I know a good thing when I see it.

    Toronto, Canada

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Amy. It’s as profound as it is beautiful. I especially identify with: “Right Action becomes manifest when in harmony with universal truth. As we act we are in the state of creating our life. To walk the Beauty Way is a call for us to be connected with Universal Truth and to bring this consciousness into our daily life.”

    May all our daily lives be truly blessed and beautiful.

    Karen Speerstra

  6. Amy, may blue glass hold you fast as well. Thank you for introducing me to Peter and to yet another facet of your extraordinary life!

    Peter–and you–are in my prayers.


  7. Oh Amy…to think i was at your wedding so many years ago. i am touched and moved to read your words of love and respect for Peter and to see him again through your eyes and camera…you are love in action.

    Mr. bagel

  8. Beautiful work! Thank you so much for your sweet words about Peter and the amazing work he does. He is surrounded by a divine light and love.
    Much love to you, Mary (Mulkey) Grimes

  9. Hi Amy,
    It is so lovely to get a snippet of your life and to hear about Peter. I’m sure he has been to every specialist and being in the alternative medical world and specializing in heads, I have a few questions. Call me 434-984-0707 if you are interested.


  10. Thank you for this beautiful offering Amy! Was really touched by these words this morning. Hope to revisit them often, have them soak in deep over time. Happy New Year to you and all on Beauty Dialogues! I recently put together a new website of more current mosaic work, some vibrant warm colors can be found there for those of us who are cocooned in wintry climes about now, might be enjoyable to see. (Though this morning I am definitely enjoying the beautiful falling snow as well, it is a living presentation of the words you shared!) Blessings, Laurie Peters
    ps. web link is

  11. thanks for the insight into another land I would love to visit. Such exciting times as our unity emerges…

  12. Yes, Beverly! That’s exactly it…

    And regarding insights from other lands, when are you going to be home (?) in California after your months in Bali? You are missed.

  13. Hi Amy,

    weDialogues looks very interesting! When we were doing Restoring Wholeness, one of the things that intrigued me was how to make virtual space as close as possible to meatspace. How could energy flow be palpable like it is in the real world? What has to happen to ensure people are present? What sorts of rich human sensing of body language, sight, sound, smell and more is lost and how might it be replicated?

    I’d be interested in learning more…maybe we could chat on Skype this week? Really cool initiative.

  14. Of course we love the WeDialogue Amy. Great name and work. 2011 brings us high need to be more virtual so send your service promo as soon as you have it. We’d love to work with you.

  15. Thanks so much everyone. We very much appreciate your support, and look forward to the ways we will all devise to work and play with each other in addressing these issues.

    Thanks for noticing the image linking, Fletcher. I’ve adjusted it now.

  16. As one who lives out of the Christian tradition I agree with Watts and with Karl Rahner who wrote: β€œThe Christian of the future will be a mystic or he (or she) will not exist at all.”

  17. Great quote – I like how he says the belief in inevitable separateness is “a serious and dangerous hallucination” – many think the mystical experience is the “hallucination” -thanks for this!

  18. Amy, Thank you so very much for sharing our extraordinary experience with your audience. It was indeed a magical day for both of us and just down right “fun”. You are gifted and so full of love. Thank you dearest One! Can’t wait to see the new website you are building for! Yippee!

  19. Amy — I love the poetry of your posts — imagery and metaphor πŸ™‚ and looking forward to co-creating in the service of contributing to happiness and health in the world.

  20. Sounds a lovely ceremony πŸ™‚ I really love your photos – and this one of such a beautiful bowl! It looks like a gourd (?) who painted it? Very inspiring

  21. Alexi! Delightful to hear from you! Thank you! And yes, isn’t the gourd beautiful… it was painted by a gifted artist – Lightning Dove, aka Sue Blondell. She creates the center altars for all the Solstice ceremonies, and they are each as stunning as the last. I’ll be working with her in the next few weeks building a website to show off her work – stay tuned.

  22. Amy, I am so happy to have found your blog and this wonderful zine…both are overflowing with soul-delicious, sublime reminders of who we really are and the unimaginable beauty that is available to us. I have subscribed to both and look forward to all the revelations to come in the years ahead. Thank you!

  23. Congratulations Amy. That is a great quote and your declaration is very inspiring. The last two months I have reclaimed my evenings. That was/is a beautiful thing…I didn’t even know how much it was doing “violence to my soul” until I stopped doing or thinking I should be doing work in the evenings. I walk with someone daily who creates a true day of Sabbath and I have been exploring what that would look like for me and my family. So glory to 2012 declarations and honoring one’s soul and doing no more violence. Peace

  24. Thank you for your responses Joss, and Barbara, and Kim… it’s amazing to me how much internal pressure there is against taking time off, and how delicious it is to do it. πŸ™‚ Here’s to filling our lives with deliciousness!

  25. This work ethic is just not natural. i’m all for getting back to a natural rhythm, ALL days. That things have to go quickly, speeded up is just a ‘collective illusion’, as I’m saying regularly.
    Really, it is just crazy! (if I may say so)

  26. Thanks for naming this Amy. I too, have spent hours trying to figure out how to make sure my site shows up on Explorer properly. I thought it was just because I’m novice. It helps me to know that your professional experience encounters this also. Though, I’d much prefer that you, me and everyone else could experience integrated tools that have emerged from a true collaborative, win-all, endeavor. sigh…………

  27. Ah, the joys of web design! πŸ™‚

    I hear (through someone who commented on this post in my FaceBook feed) that Explorer9 is supposed to be more standards-compliant that many other browsers and certainly more than it has been in the past, which means your site will probably look better on it than it did on earlier versions.

    Thanks for commenting, Vv.

  28. I don’t know if Peter still looks at these comments, but I just found the site today. It was wonderful to read. Seeing the work and hearing about Peter reminded me of how special he was and is. I was one of his many students back in Detroit at Wayne State. I still have a couple of his works that he gave me and people are always drawn to them. I learned a lot from Peter!

  29. What a small and beatiful world Steve! Although I have a many difficulties with memory due to brain damage and ongoing seizures I remenber You well as a natual talent and a fast learner as well as a really nice man . Thanks for your kind comments, I am overwhelmed,
    take care, Peter

  30. I LOVE the moonrise right at the edge of the horizon. and love the series of photos arranged across the horizon of the last photo.

  31. lovely, just lovely!

    The eye for beauty amongst you threee must be awesome. What a great family “go do” to watch the moon and the sun and stars together.

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