A Cutting Garden

I've always drempt of having a cutting garden.. and now I have one! Somewhere along the way to realizing this dream, I began collecting rose bushes. I started last year with one Gertrude Jeykell bush – an old fashioned double pink rose with a truly divine scent – and when it went crazy this Spring, all covered with blooms, I too went crazy and bought myself several more David Austin old rose varietals.

I couldn't find more Gertrude Jeykells – I would fill my entire garden with that rose if I could – but I did find "Hot Cocoa" – a gorgeous rich red-brown rose that I first saw in Sally Robertson's glorious bread and breakfast garden (even if you don't have a patch of ground, Sally can paint a garden for your walls), and Sparrieshoop (the generous climber you see in this photo – it's also a cutting rose!), Benjamin Britten, and Scarborough Fair. All of them smell wonderful and fill a vase beautifully! These roses are magic – they're casting a spell that makes me want to just hang out in the garden all the time!


  1. I didn’t even have the distinction cutting garden. Thank you for sharing your roses and the smell. I grew up with roses; my mother always took care of them. As I drive around a notice what flowers I want to plant in my yard I am being more and more drawn to rose bushes. Your timing is perfect for the additional inspiration. Thank you.

  2. Dearest Amy,
    Oh what joy evoked from your garden here this morning! I grew up in gardens, with a cutting garden resplendent with roses. My sweetest memories with my mother is in the garden. I am blessed now to have roses to tend. An easy wintering has created an unusual plethora of blooms this year. My current favorite…Dakota Sunset. The visual beauty alone of the light from within a bloom is amazing. And who could have dreamed up a more ecstatic scent?
    With gratitude for a walk in your garden this morning 🙂

  3. Dear dear Amy – Yes, you have entered that magic world – and I know you’re now in another magic world, up in Canada – but isn’t it blossom-blissful to know you can climb right back into your blooming garden when you return? And we two will have to visit each OTHER’s garden to roll around in the splendor!

  4. How delightful to check in from my adventure north of the border and hear/smell/touch your words! It is hot hot hot here and beatiiful beyond words. There’s even a litte rosebush here, with a delicious delicate scent. To be continued…

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