The Art of Online Hosting

With all that's been going on lately I forgot to mention that a paper I co-wrote with the crazy and wonderful Adriano Pianesi was published in the March edition of Systems Thinker: "The Art of Online Hosting" (Download Onlinehosting).


  1. Thank you, Amy. This was a lovely way to start my morning. I particularly like his reflection on the power of a deep and ongoing relationship to one place. I feel this way myself, so it was a nice reflection.

  2. amy,
    i have begun walking at the end of the day. I leave my office by 4:30 or so and walk up Solano, along the shops of my village, veering off onto the neighborhood street and discovering hidden pathways. I notice what has changed, meet friends along the way and always notice what is beautiful- the light, the trees, a child’s face, the lovingly tended and lightly neglected gardens. I realized–a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) that these are my beauty walks.
    with appreciation,

  3. “Thank You” Amy…I just returned from my morning Beauty Walk…along the ocean’s edge in San Francisco…my daily practice that center’s me and reminds me that I Am a reflection of nature’s beauty. The wind was blowing this morning, and as I watched the birds flying and soaring I was in awe of their grace in the midst of such strong winds ~ they weren’t struggling against what is…they were accepting and receiving the strong currents as a gift. Nature and Mother Earth is so full of wisdom…if we are willing to be still and listen…I am filled with Gratitude and Wonder…and rejoicing in the Beauty of it All!

    Peace and Love…to All…

  4. I write with my eyes closed, fingers across keys, writing nonsense or notes or a business report … until a deep river — that may reside in my soul but is not really mine – expands its flow wide enough to gently dislodge me from shore and carry me to wholly surprising locales. Where the sunset feels pink no matter the story.

  5. My projects exist alongside my daily activity in a parallel universe. When I am least expecting it,a convergence occurs and inspiration is bestowed. It also happens in dream states. I receive information that attaches itself to something I am working on, a painting, a program that I am presenting at the library where I work, a medium for self expression as yet untried. I am so grateful for these moments.

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