Silvi Alcivar

This is a delightful video about a magical poet, Silvi Alcivar. Silvi conjures spontaneous poetry from a red Royal typewriter and her immaculate mind, for hire at $15/poem (order online from the poetry store).

You will never find a better deal.

She does events too. I've experienced her work at two of them, and she absolutely transforms the space.

a desire for words from silvi alcivar on Vimeo.



  1. I was just thinking of a similar concept that I can’t recall where/when I came across it. But it’s that the things you love, also love you. So if you love a beautiful sunset, or a certain tree, or a type of food, it also loves you. It’s not a one-way thing, but a relationship that goes between.

  2. Amy Sue,

    The test of a good one of these little gems is if you like it more the more that you see it. On my third viewing of this wonder I have to say you pass with flying colors :-))

    How often are you watching it? It might be good to immerse yourself in it for a while and see what you see as you move beyond the place of “I’ve already seen this.”

    You are a truly marvelous ambassador of beauty!

    With love,

    Your Brother FireHawk

  3. Hi Amy,

    It’s really beautiful, I enjoyed the music, the pictures and of course, the words. Your message is in my heart, my brain and in my soul now.

    Thanks for this incredible gift. This leadership is the one we need now.

    Blessings for you and your teachers.

  4. Thank you for sharing Ashley’s and Kara’s art, creativity, and passions. It is inspiring and shows me the gap for me being in touch with my creative, silly side. I look forward to exploring more and allowing myself to be inspired by their work.

  5. Leave it to Amy to throw a party with fabulous people showing up to play! I love feeling these words and invitations into creativity, play, silliness, amazement, dance and beauty. I imagine each of us here in this comment box, spreading out our joys and passion like the seeds being scattered in Kara’s painting… the full moon glowing on our blooming beauty!

    Thank you Amy for such a dear post (she’s downstairs working!).

  6. Amy,

    This is a wonderful site..paying homage to those vital nutrients of life- love and beauty. I miss you and your wonderful access to the divine.


  7. Beautiful, Amy. I didn’t know about that aspect of your life and that makes so much sense. I am moving to New England this month – into the heart of Boston. See you there, I hope, maybe not in the middle of winter!

  8. Hi Amy!
    Interesting article. I like this quote:

    “We live in a fishbowl culture,” said Laurence Gonzales, survival columnist for National Geographic Adventure. “Every morning we get a reward: The coffee goes on, and there’s the croissant; it’s lunchtime, and there’s the sandwich. We get rewarded no matter the stupid things we do. That’s great, until things go wrong.”

    Our culture has evolved into a artificial fishbowl culture, separated from nature, and that’s why we have all this garbage. In the fishbowl, our mistakes are seemingly forgiven, but in a greater perspective, the surrounding world, they are still there.


  9. Amy, as a Vermonter who has spent, not her growing up years but her growing older years in Vermont (for the past 10) I identify with your assessment. Vermont is a beautiful place to hone your survival skills. I witnessed a sunset the other night similar to Paul’s photo–so crisp were the new leaves against the orange sky, they seemed like carefully cut out paper silhouette figures.I stood on our upper deck holding my breath to keep it all in.

    Frederick Buechner says in his 12th century story, Godric, “Human folk love one another for the way they fill each other’s emptiness.” Vermont friends are like that for me. They fill me, help me survive! And grow. As Godric said, “I speak a word. My friend speaks back. Then I again, then he, and then we make a bridge of words so each may fetch across the ditch that lies between what’s in his heart.” That’s how friends help each other survive. And it’s how you’ve helped me make a technical “bridge of words.” Buechner, another Vermonter, would be pleased.

  10. Hi Bagel & Fletcho – I don’t know exactly where, but the video says SkyMeadow … is there such a place in Vermont, or is it a hippie naming thing? dunno. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The woman, Laura, is the woman who took over my little cottage in Albany when I left, and we became friends over the 2-3 years she lived there. She’s fabulous – Italian, cute, funny, a very talented journalist and human rights advocate, and crazy brave. She’s traveled all over the world in dangerous situations and doesn’t hesitate to turn everything on its head and change if that’s what needs to happen.

  11. Hello Beauty,
    Found this lovely connection today when exploring Hozho for our upcoming AAOC3 retreat. It’s such a grace sharing so many spaces with you.

  12. I love it!!!

    It’s true; I think we don’t realize anymore the huge difference between the world we live in now, and the one we should have.

    Thanks, Amy, for the reminder.

  13. I wanted to post this on facebook, Amy but I had to sign up for something called Typepad and transfer my information there in order to do it. Do you know what Typepad is and why I cannot just post to Facebook directly?

  14. Hi Karen,

    I’m sorry you had this trouble…

    You CAN post a comment on this (or anything on my FaceBook stream) directly on FaceBook, but it sounds like you got caught up in the link back to my blog when trying to comment (my blog is hosted on TypePad).

    You shouldn’t have had to sign up for anything, but before commenting you would have been asked to include your name, email address (which no one sees, but it validates you as a real person, not a spam bot) and had the option of filling in a url.



  15. Hi Amy ~

    You don’t know me – I just happened upon your blog by chance and read about your sister Karen.

    You’re right – there are no adequate words.

    On the other hand, any sister would be proud to be the person you described so beautifully – and your pictures so deliciously capture her essence, if my intuition serves me.

    What a gorgeous woman and bright spirit! How very tragic, your loss. How amazingly bright she shines in your exquisite photograph, Winter 2010.

    Love & peace & blessings ~ to Karen and all who know and love her.

    ~ Danaji

  16. Amy,
    I am so sorry for your loss. Karen sounds like an incredible spirit. Thank you for sharing with us your love, her spirit and your broken open heart.
    There seems recently to be a lot of incredible spirits that have been called home to make a difference on the other side. We just had one, Lynn Montgomery on Christmas Day. May Karen and Lynn live with their light always shining brightly…always, everywhere.

  17. Amy Dear,
    What a beautiful homage for such a wondrous soul. Thank you for bringing Karen alive into our hearts. I feel mine beating with sorrow and respect in sync with yours.

  18. Karen was a love,even as a little girl who I was lucky enough to know when she was 4 or 5 years old
    She was just darling and everyone loved her,she loved her brother and sisters so much and her momma was her best friend.
    She will be so missed by everyone who’s life she ever touched,no one could not love this beautiful child who I will always think of as the firey little redhead who lived a few doors down the street from me and my children.
    I love all my little stout’s and her mother Eva is my B F F,always have been and always will be
    How lucky the kids are to have Eva for a mother Midge Lonewolf

  19. amy,
    i miss her radiance, too–your words and love are powerful. too soon gone. my sister died over 30 years ago and I miss her…and us every day.

  20. Dearest Amy,
    Many members of your tribe were gathered this weekend, and we were all struck to our cores by your loss. We know with you, that words cannot but hint at the depth of your pain or of our compassion for you who are deeply mourning this unexpected and oh so painful loss of such an incadescent spirit and loving heart. Still, in deep honoring, we use this space to offer you our meager heartfelt words, as well as our heart thudding silence. Oh Beauty, I am just so very sorry, so sad. How gracious of you to share her with us — may our work going forward hold a consciousness of her life and weave into her legacy. And may you feel our arms around you and our gentle “there,there” as we console you.
    With great love ~ Betsy

  21. You cracked me open with this post, dear friend. Truly we live in a vibrational field of love, and when it spins open at times like these it pulls in light from the far corners of our collective lives. As you know I lost my youngest brother at about the same age and he lives with me still. I feel like a steward of his special gifts and sensibilities. No doubt Karen will be with you and us working on a whole new plane.Thank you for sharing these radiant shards of her life. Love David.

  22. Dearest Amy, I send my love and depth being to embrace you at this time. The spirit of your sister surely has brought vibrate radiance to the world and does yours. Her passing means we extend our understanding of being always connected regardless of bodily form. We hold your sister, you and the family in our hearts.

  23. Dear Amy,
    I don’t think I even knew you had a sister. I’m so sorry. She looks beautiful – like you. My thoughts are with you. Love Sabrina

  24. Dearest Sister…I just sent off an email to you and it feels so good to reconnect…you have been on my mind and heart for weeks and weeks. After I hit “send” I went to Beauty Dialogues and re-read your words about your Karen. I had the thought and the remembrance of when my late husband, Mike, passed suddenly. That first night before I could sleep he came to me in the form of a blue shining star up in the left-hand corner of my daughter’s room. I knew it was him and spoke to him “I don’t want to do this…I can’t do this!” I said “my heart is broken!” I will never forget his response and have spoken it to others many times since then. Maybe I already told you too. He said…”You can and you will live through this. And you MUST pay attention to the words you use, you know words have power, Sue. Your heart is not broken, you’re just hurting right now. All is well.
    I say this to you because as I read your words you said your heart is broken open…I am just wondering about your consciousness around your words.I say this in respect and with love.

    Knowing you as I do…I see you walking in your “new and different life without Karen” with grace and love and wholeness as you always have. I love you so much and want you to know I am with you always in all ways.
    Your sister, Dove

  25. Congratulations! Unfortunately I’m scheduled elsewhere on April 1 — can folks access a recording, even if I can’t participate? And I’m so looking forward to future Conversations. Thanks so much for leading this initiative!

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