Why Beauty? Morning Thoughts …

Beauty is the essence of Life – it is the center of everything, the very core of existence.

In a time where facing the enormous horror of what we as humanity have perpetrated in our world can be soul-deadening and overwhelmingly bleak, seeing and being beauty has never been more important.

Beauty is the candle we hold up in darkness. Beauty is the gaze we turn on that which we love, the way we see that can transform our vision. What do you love? What do you find beautiful? That’s the key to knowing where to focus your attention.

Beauty, like Love, has the power to hold all that is not itself without being changed. Today, when many of us feel so disconnected – from each other, from nature, from a life where what is really important has priority – Beauty is a way back to center.

May you Walk in Beauty – now and always.


(this glorious image is from an online contest for the ‘most beautiful’ photo 🙂

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