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photo by Amy Lenzo

In describing the series of online ceremonies I’m co-hosting with FireHawk Hulin and Pele Rouge over the next solar year, we talk about attunement:

“During this process we will dance with an older way of looking at time, one that is in relationship with the cycles and wisdom of the natural world, the way things actually are. When we move in supportive relationship with the natural cycles of Earth, we establish patterns in our lives that are life-giving, nourishing, and in harmony with the larger rhythms of life.”

“(This is a) … “tuning” ceremony, bringing us each into our own direct relationship with the medicine of Earth.”

To begin preparing the container for this timeless journey, FireHawk and I created a basecamp to serve as the ground for our expedition; its design based on the four directions of a Medicine Wheel. In the South, we placed an intention for “Attunement”.

The South is all about relationship, the place of feeling and emotion. We placed attunement there to remind us that we are aligning ourselves in relationship; with our own inner life, with those that are journeying with us, and with the natural world we are all part of. Attunement requires that we slow down and listen to the quieter voices, so often missed in the bustle of daily life, to find the deeper patterns we want to attune to and synchronize ourselves with.

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Never Shout at a Bear

This is the introduction to a true story about a dear friend of mine, Pele Rouge of Resonance, and her profound encounter with a bear while living in the wilderness a few years ago. It’s a fabulous story, written for children, about the wisdom of nature and it’s available now on DVD (the book will be out next year).

The DVD itself is absolutely beautiful, narrated by Pele with music by Gentle Thunder & illustrations by Finnish artist Outi Kuma – I recommend you pick one up for all your beauty-loving friends, but definitely get one for all the children you know because their young hearts & minds, especially, will thrive on nature’s truth, and this will touch them directly.