Vote for Hope

I got turned on to this great Flash video in David Sibbet’s blog this morning… It’s another great example of new media and creativity in the service of something that matters. And this is something that matters a lot right now, even if the recent debates have been less than electric.

Barack Obama’s passionate speech in this video reminds me why I want him to be our next president.

Obama ’08 – Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.


  1. I find it helpful to do something physical – sitting at a desk all day can really suck you into your work (and not in a good way). Walking around a bit or (for me) doing a few quick yoga poses helps reground me.

    I also try to monitor my frustration level – if I’m getting too worked up (no pun intended) about a particular problem I’m working on, that usually means I need to take a break and come at the problem from a fresher place; or, at the very least, pull my chair back from my desk, and take a few deep breaths.

    I really like your idea of having something beautiful to look at. I’m going to give that one a try. 🙂

  2. These are brilliant points, d, about doing something physical and taking a break from frustrating situations to get a fresh perspective on things.

    Your comments made me appreciate the physicality of my practice of starting each day with a walk (the trick is to get out of the house before opening my email or I’m inevitably sucked down the endless email tunnel of doom :-).

    Just having that quiet beginning, that hour of contemplation, puts everything in perspective and lets priorities rise to the surface naturally.

    Thanks so much for writing, and for sharing those great suggestions.

  3. Amy, I was struck by your posting, “Slow Work,” especially since I just had lunch with a friend who has moved from a high-powered Harvard job to another demanding position with a Jungian foundation (talk about interior perspective on her work!) I asked her, “How are things going?”, knowing how challenging the adjustment must be for her to move from her Harvard office to her one-woman home office, setting up her systems without IT help, getting the land line phone installed correctly–you know the drill. Anyway, she said, placing her hand on her opposite shoulder, “I have, right here, two demons: fear and guilt. So I’m working really, really long hours right now to prove I can do it without the built-in work structure I had.”

    I shared some of my own experiences moving from a bustling Boston publishing company to my Vermont home where I commute across the hall from my bedroom to my office. Anytime. Day or night. For weeks, your body says, “get to work, now!” and your soul says, “Watch the sun move across the garden.” You learn to balance in whole new ways, and with time, the demons that like to perch on all on our shoulders get bored and go live somewhere else. You learn, not just slower work, but more careful (filled with care) work. More fulfilling (full) work. That’s the kind of work that overflows, not all knotted up by stress but overflowing with blessings. You soon give up driving and start thriving. My Jungian friend will come to that–we all do eventually.


  4. I’m grateful for your impressions about Julie and Mary at the TLG in CA last Friday. The first TLG I ever attended was June 2007 in Minnesota at Best Buy with Julie and Mary. It was amazing. They really do bring parts of themselves to the conversation that others rarely do (in my limited experience).

  5. Amy,
    Your description of the day is superb. Julie and Mary, and the TLG, have so much to teach us and give so much.
    It was such a pleasure for me to meet you in flesh and blood as well. Beautiful, gracious and all goddess you are. Goddess! it IS great to be female.

  6. “Thank You” Amy…and David…this IS the message that I choose to spread as it represents the Heart & Essence of the Best of Humanity!!

    Obama embodies the Hope, Truth, Creativity and Possibilities that are the very foundation of the Change/Transformation that the World is crying out for…Leadership with Heart & Integrity!!

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