Invited by Beauty


"There’s a place inside your body that knows the answer. Just go inside and see what you can find."
~ Violet Oaklander


  1. Amy,
    As a fellow girl geek and blogger of beauty and wholeness, I am eating up every word of your on-site posting at BlogHer. I wish I could be sitting right beside you, but I am getting the next best thing…a bevy of beautiful blogs about everything I love…from a beautiful women I am getting to know better and better. Have fun and keep passing it on.

  2. Julie,

    And I feel you right beside me! You (and others like you – but of course there’s no one like you! 🙂 are why I’m live-blogging these sessions. Thanks for your encouragement, beauty.

  3. Hi Karen!

    Yes, it really is wonderful to have found that our tribe – people who care about beauty and know how important it is to be in the world with love – is so much deeper and richer and more wide-ranging than I’d ever even imagined. Long may our kind flourish and grow! 🙂

    Thanks for your inspiration.


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