Inexhaustable Sweetness

Walking through a friend’s rose garden the other day … this one opened to greet my lens:


In my in-box this morning, a quote from my friend Liz:

"There is in all things an inexhaustible sweetness and purity, a silence that is a fount of action and joy. It rises up in wordless gentleness and flows out to me from the unseen roots of all created being, welcoming me tenderly, saluting me with indescribable humility."

~ from Thomas Merton‘s poem, Hagia Sophia.



  1. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for this beautiful poem. No surprise I am very much with you regarding an intention for the year. In fact, my intention beginning in January was commitment. May your intention nourish you and provide many opportunities for flight.

  2. Staci! I’m so glad to see you here; I look forward to exploring your blog and getting to know you better. I so enjoyed meeting you at BlogHer and feeling that connection of like-minds.

  3. following this same theme on this solstice-day morning, just this — as a key, it seems to me, to the vast interconnection of circles within circles — that has been calling to us

    “The sacred hoop of my people was one of many hoops that made one circle, wide as daylight and as starlight, and in the center grew one mighty flowering tree to shelter all the children of one mother and one father. And I saw that it was holy.”
    – Black Elk

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