Facilitating Online Community

(photo from Jeff McNeill’s Flickr photostream via his Creative Commons licensing agreement)

I’m having enormous fun, participating in a free course on facilitating online community, led by Leigh Blackall of the Kiwi-based Otago Polytechnic.

There are over 60 people in this course, which is organized through a wiki curriculum/schedule and synchronous Elluminate sessions. We’ve been communicating through mandatory blogs and non-required mailing list conversations, and it’s been wild! The content of the course is brilliant, with an excellent reading list, and the interaction with the other students is priceless.

I’ve been blogging away on my dedicated new "Facilitating Online Community, aka Herding Cats" blog, if you’re interested in checking out what I’m learning and how I’m reacting to it in more depth.


  1. Vanessa is an AMAZING BRILLIANT Ray of LIGHT and Inspiration! The second piece “Freedom” needs to be played for every being on this planet…the time is NOW…and the Voice speaks Truth…Foundation of the Arts – the new Department of Defense!! Absolutely brilliant and uplifting…it IS possible!!

    Thank you for sharing this…I am emailing this to everyone in my address book…a magical GIFT for the Holidays!!

    Blessings…PEACE…Dance and Sing…our way into the Light!

  2. Janet,

    I’m so glad you love her too… I agree that everyone should hear what she has to say… thanks for helping to spread her word.

    What’s amazing to me too is that she knows what she’s talking about, on a deep level. She’s a teacher in the Philadelphia ghetto – her kids have to deal with their brothers and classmates being killed for their designer shoes – and it’s so cool to know she is showing them another way to live through the stunning power of her art.

    My heart goes out to her, and to them, and it makes me want to support her in any way I can. Her triumphs thrill me.

  3. Hello Amy, the people you see on this picture are probably a gathering of different ‘Orders’ of Druids. I was connected to one of them many years ago, and this was one of their yearly celebrations.

  4. Hi Ria!

    Yes, when I lived in England I knew some of these folks too, and I always wanted to be part of one of these Solstice celebrations … did you ever go?

    Summer Solstice at Stonehenge would be fabulous but winter Solstice at Newgrange in Drogheda (Ireland) was my real dream … what an incredibly magical place.

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