The Beauty Way

One of my greatest mentors in this field of beauty is a remarkable woman named Pele Rouge. She is one of those people who embodies life itself, exuding an innate generosity that comes from inner fullness. Being in her presence is always a gift.

Pele’s husband FireHawk is another beloved mentor, and matches her in every way. A gifted image-magician, he videoed Pele in this first-of-three video series, speaking about the feminine face of the Divine. I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you here:

I promise to post the next two in the series as soon as FireHawk sends them to me. I also have a profound story to tell about my work with Pele Rouge, but that will have to wait for another time. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about either of them, stroll through their beautiful website on


  1. this is a great example of the wisdom Pele carries — information that contributes greatly toward the authentic, integrated voice of feminine and masculine leadership.


  2. Amy, “Thank You” for posting this…I was there to hear this and I am so happy to have the opportunity to listen again to the powerful and wisdom-full words Pele shares with all of us.

    In a world filled with duality it is important that we be reminded (as Pele so eloquently and lovingly spoke to)that this Life Experience is about the Balance and Beauty of both the Masculine and Feminine…and the possibilities that are opened up when we create the spaciousness and sacred space for them to emerge, unfold and dance together!

    I am filled with Love and Gratitude to be in Community with You, Pele and FireHawk…and All Others who share in this Wondrous Journey!!

  3. Thanks for adding your thoughts & being here, Patricia & Janet.

    I had a wonderful experience in regard to this post that you might appreciate – apparently one of my colleagues saw the video of Pele here and forwarded it to several of her friends, one of whom happened to be another client/colleague of mine! 🙂 So it came around full circle when she told me about the “coincidence” (none of us knew about the mutual connections before that).

    I love these ever-widening circles that ripple amongst us as we share wisdom and all good things with each other.

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