Our Collective Wisdom

Alan-briskin (BK) Author and photographer Alan Briskin has long been one of my
very favorite visionaries, and I have had the pleasure of working with
him on three projects now – his personal website, the book site for the
seminal book he recently co-authored on The Power of Collective Wisdom
and Trap of Collective Folly, and now an interactive business site/blog
called the Power of Our Collective Wisdom. In this latest site, Alan
puts his brilliant thinking mind into a dialogue about collective
wisdom; seeing it, applying it, and talking with others about it.

Alan’s star, already bright, is rising – subscribe to his site and
mailing lists to keep track of his trajectory and watch for an
announcement of a series on applying collective wisdom that I’ll be
helping him produce in the coming months.

Italy Venice, photography by Alan Briskin