Neighborhood Beauty

Every day while taking my morning walk I am reminded of a plan I once hatched to print up a small pad of paper with a gorgeous image or two & the words ‘In Gratitude’ printed on it…

My plan was to carry it with me so I can leave notes on the doorsteps
of people whose homes &/or gardens have filled me with pleasure,
thanking them for the attention and effort they have spent making their
part of the world a little more beautiful (of course I was planning to
discretely add my url at the bottom, in case they had the urge to
spread their beauty out a little further into the world and might need
my help in doing so – I’m not ENTIRELY immune to the need for marketing

I’m afraid I haven’t manifested my bright idea yet, but in the
meantime I thought I’d publicly express my gratitude
here, this morning.

This house enchanted me from the first time I saw it… the brightly colored simple mural, the luscious green drapes, the whole thing almost obscured from one angle by arches of overgrown vines, tall trees and a rambling porch.

One inhabitant of this house often leaves for work around the time I take my walks so one morning I just stepped up and told him how beautiful I thought his home was, and how good I felt as I walked by each day. He beamed in response, like he was surprised anyone had noticed, and thanked me warmly, leaving me feeling doubly blessed by his generous good nature.

The other day I happened to approach the house from the other direction, and discovered a whole new perspective. Each window on the side of the house displays a slightly different colored drape, each of the hues equally gorgeous… rich deep luscious colors that make you just KNOW the people inside are creative and interesting folks, happy to be part of the day’s inspiration to those around them.


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