Morning Light

This is what the morning light looks like outside my window this time of year…



  1. Thank you, Amy, for all that you shared, and for offering this beautiful video for re-viewing the day after Obama won the presidency. There is, for me, so much more power, hope and inspiration in this gathering energy of “Yes We Can” now that “We” have spoken with a landslide of support for this vision. I am relieved, grateful, uplifted, and so moved to be in the world at this time and see what we can do together, with this kind of leadership.

  2. Yes indeed, on the tarte tatin and the energy efficiency of the Europeans. Having lived in Brussels for a bit I was equally impressed with the conservation they practiced without even thinking it was a big deal. We could use a bit more of that. I see signs… using reusable grocery bags… we can do it and, indeed it is imperative. I just moved to Boston (!) and noticed a lot of signs about recycling, composting, etc. on garbage trucks, in the metro (the “T”) saying “it is more important now than ever” and so it is. Sending love from Boston. Lisa

  3. Our intentions are blessed by your presence. Please thank Firehawk, Pele, Sunseed, and SingingHeart for carrying them to the center. Love, us

  4. WOW…powerful stories and images…having spent 3 years in the Salinas Valley I experienced first hand the stark ‘differences’ of Beauty & the darkness of the violence and poverty…these stories portray the Beauty that comes from Creativity & Imagination of those Dreaming of a Better World for themselves, their families, friends and Community!

    “Thank You” Amy (and FireHawk) for creating the space for the Beauty ~ Imagination ~ Creativity to emerge for these individuals…what a Gift for All of Us!

    Please be sure to pass along the comments to the group so they are aware of the impact their stories and images have on All of Us…

  5. beautiful! thank you for sharing Amy. great to hear that you allow beauty and contemplation right in the peak of business… what a gift to your work to allow this yourself.
    i love their website, looks so beautiful.
    yesterday we started the Discipline of Peace training group here in Århus, i am so glad to be part of it. so we had RainbowHawk and WindEagle giving us a video-introduction yesterday 🙂

  6. I think we should all do this at least once a month. Share with your peers, your children, your husband in my case and with family friends.

    My sister who is a teacher in Montreal has introduced digital photography and it’s amazing how everyone including parents are interested in going out and taking pictures.

    what a wonderful to connect communicate and yes collaborate.

    i’m going to direct my sister to this page as example of what people can do as a form of inspiration.

    thanks Amy for reminding us what nature can inspire within us.

    Mireille Massue

  7. How delicious to hear from so many of you!!! Thanks so much for your comments.

    And Benjamin – I know you will enjoy the First Peace work with WindEagle and RainbowHawk! Please give them (and all my friends in Denmark) my love.

  8. At the end of a long day, I treated myself to the beauty of your images.
    Looking at them, I experience peace, beauty and the magic of the Mother Earth that is all around us. It takes a special eye to see as you do. Thank you dear one for sharing the beauty that you see and are.

  9. The beauty of these pictures is enhanced for me by the “delightfully unexpected” context in which you took them!

    I was inspired to take a break from my own work annd dust off an old D.T. Suzuki volume on Zen and Japanese Culture, where I found this poem:

    The moonlight
    Far up in the sky
    Looking through the eaves,
    Shines on a mind
    Undisturbed with remorse


  10. Delicious! Thank you for that luscious poem, Ben. And thank you FireHawk and Pele for your comments, and for sharing your own images from our shoot, Hawk.

    We walk in Beauty, indeed.

  11. Amy…thank you for the beautiful and peaceful images…it reminds me how important it is to “refresh” myself with the beauty around me throughout the day!
    Blessings to you!
    Mary Ann

  12. Amy…I am very interested in connecting with you after reading about this project with agriculture, health and construction industries. I am the state consultant for all of the family and consumer sciences(FCS) teachers (former home economics) in Iowa and would so enjoy talking to you about embedding a project like this in our curriculum since we focus on “family and life-long skills”…our curriculum is no longer the “cooking and sewing” of yester-year! I also work with the student organization connected to FCS and again we focus on family and community service…YOU definitely have my attention! Thank you for all you do!!!

  13. Amy, Wonderful! Waking up to beautiful light – and the way it plays on my bedroom wall – is something so delightful in the morning that it lingers throughout the day. Thanks for this reminder – and the gorgeous photo!

  14. Waking up naturally and letting the morning just unfold is something to really savour. Beautiful photo – great to be near such a lovely place! xx

  15. This spurs my thinking about what I have been doing over the past year with my home – my nest. But now you have me thinking about a nest being smaller – something that nurtures just me – incubates me. I love that photo of the colorful nest – it inspires me to ask what mine would look like and feel like – and where would it be? Thank you for the inspiration Amy.

  16. Thanks for your comments, Kim and Shelley.

    I’ve been thinking about my own question a bit… one of the things I’ve been wanting to do is make my office more of a nest, a kind of sanctuary to hold and give form to my creativity, especially my digital work in the world. I’ve had a hard time with this because I share the space, and haven’t been able to imagine a cohesive whole without impinging on someone else’s space, but I’m still working on it… those eggs are incubating. 🙂

    On another level, my camera is a kind of instant nest for a more internal creative opening… the photograph a kind of egg that develops in the dark and emerges into the light, sometimes seconds later. Their beauty almost always surprises me.

    What else? Where are those nests for *your* creativity or whatever else you are hatching?

  17. Hello Amy

    These are lovely. I know what you mean about your office. I’m changing my focus as a freelancer and I have this real need to change my office environment so that I’m surrounded by the things that support the new focus. I only have a small space, and a lot of stuff (including usual home stuff, nothing to do with work. Still, I’m sure with a bit of thought and reorganisation and clearing out, I can create a bit more of a nest.

  18. What a beautiful sight of fresh greens and light dancing together!! Thank you.

    There will not be such a sight until summer here, high in snowy mountains. Still, the varieties of whites contrasted with dark shadows provide fascination and beauty.

  19. It’s delicious to hear from all of you – thanks for your response to my morning view. It’s a great joy in my life to see the light on those trees change with the seasons, and lovely to be able to share it with you in this way.

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