“If I ran the Internet”

In one of the superb series of TED videos sponsored by BMW, performance poet Rives shares this yummy juicy poem – “If I ran the Internet”:

TED is currently sponsoring a number of videos on the subject of happiness, and what makes us happy, no doubt inspired by the ground-breaking “Happiness and Its Causes” FREE conference coming up this week in San Fransisco (don’t miss it!). One of the TED Happiness videos is of journalist Carl Honoré, talking about the slow movement, and slowness as a key to happiness.


  1. Hi Ari,

    Thanks for your comment! No, my dreams were much loftier than being the mere Empress of Oranges … I wanted to be an artist so powerful that I could transform the world into heaven!

    (And so I have, at least for myself. 🙂

    But what about you? What did/do you want to be “when you grow up”?

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