Most commonly an image is used to illustrate text, but in this case I think the image is the main event, and anything I could write would be secondary (click on it to see a larger version).


Is it speaking to you too? What do you hear?


  1. What I feel…
    the air around me, that which I breathe, becomes gentle, soft and expansive like my sense of the petal’s feel… it’s softness, color, ethereal nature. It helps my lungs feel more alive… and my eyes softer.

  2. Ahhhhhh – Brilliant!

    This description of ‘sensing into’ or ‘feeling’ in response to the image of the lily is lovely – it expresses another way of listening, another way to find meaning, beyond the verbal or auditory.

    (I so appreciate your being here, Ashley)

  3. This magnificent being speaks volumes…infinite beauty…perfect in all of its imperfection…courage and heart…multiplicity…majestic texture…Stillness!

    “Thank You” Amy for Gracing this World with Your Eye & Heart of Beauty!

    Your Are Loved…

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