What would you do if you’d just found out you have a life-threatening illness, and were so weak you needed to rest while your body recovered enough strength to attempt a cure?

This was the situation a friend and colleague of mine faced recently. A visionary who’s been a clear voice in articulating the emergence of collective intelligence in the world, my friend had a remarkable response to this daunting challenge.

He asked that those who love and care for him let him go; that they hold him in a love without attachment, so he is free to discover what is happening to him on a soul level and do whatever is necessary in response.

His response was remarkable to me in at least two ways; one that he had the capability to go beyond his own personal fear & attachments in the face of death and hold to his highest aspirations. Two, I found it remarkable that he had enough confidence in his community to make this request and know it would be understood and granted. The real blessing is that he was right. The strength and clarity of the support that has gathered to hold him in this journey continues to inspire me and give me hope for the ability to transcend fear of death and know liberation.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I humbly give thanks for my friend, and the gift of freedom that in his wisdom he has given all of us whose lives he touches.

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