This is an example of a particularly ‘feminine’ use of technology… taking a ubiquitous marketing tool and through a personal connection with grace & beauty, transforming it into a carrier of light and forgiveness.

A friend of mine’s father just died.

She’d been caring for him for a long time now, and when he passed, she did something beautiful. She transformed her personal grief into collective grace by creating a blessing, an inspired gift (click here for yours – make sure your computer’s sound is on), and sending it out into the world.

This is an example of what I mean when I talk about a particularly
‘feminine’ use of technology…

She’s taken one of those ubiquitous ‘auto-responders’, the latest craze in marketing, and through her own connection with grace &
beauty transformed this mundane tool into a carrier of light, love and forgiveness. Now that seems like something worth marketing.

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