First Sweet Peas

This morning’s beauty walk revealed a sweet pea vine filled with a zillion little fragrant blossoms – they’re some of my favorite flowers, and these are the first I’ve seen this year.

I can’t render the nectar of their scent in this medium, tant pis, but here is a scan of one little cluster of blooms…

It’s a poor substitute for the real thing, I know, but I hope it triggers a memory (especially of this divine smell) or gives you reason to smile.


  1. Sweet Pea! you are such, my dear Amy. hard to imagine anything popping its colorful head and shoulders through the frozen snow that is the Minnesota landscape this day. the cystaline goodness of our kiva makes the spring that much sweeter.

  2. I just opened my Sweet Pea Essence from Green Hope Farms and added a few drops to my water bottle. The explanation given of this flower is that it helps with providing restful sleep. In addition “sweet pea also creates a sense of greater connection between fellow humans. When we feel reluctant to connect with the human community because of painful experiences in this or another life, Sweet Pea can help us find a harmonious thread of connection that helps us willingly rejoin the human communities of our daily life”. Yes! You can find this and hundreds of flower essences on

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