God, I love California… it’s the end of October in San Fransisco but there are ripe oranges on the trees, nestled right next to new blossoms. They look beautiful, but the smell is absolutely divine.



  1. That *does* sound divine! Here (in the NORTH of Sweden) it is snowy and crisp outside. I did not realize that I was longing for the snow until it came and walking outside listening to the crunch and feeling the air sharp in my throat became such a joy!

  2. Ahhhhhhh. Suddenly I too am longing for the snow… that sparkly resonance beneath my feet, reflecting back the brilliance of the full moon that is almost upon us.

    Thanks so much for writing, Stephanie.

  3. Hi gals. Having just moved to California, I am blissed out by all the sunny weather. Oh, I suppose the day will come when I welcome a crispy crunching walk on some snow but right now, I’ll take the sun.

    Is it good or poor blog etiquette to invite you to read my blog? It is still in beta-testing. . . don’t know what to do with it but sharing my current happiness on line is lots of fun.

  4. I’ve been meaning to comment on this….One thing I find amazing here in Colorado is that there is such a distinctive change in seasons. And although my allergies (and my face along with them) explode at the beginning of every new season here — the beauty is unmatched. The changes in the leaves create colors I never even imagined….

  5. Great to hear from you Colle! Thanks so much for reminding us of the seasonal changes we’re all experiencing now, whether we’re in the northern or southern hemisphere.

    Send me a photo of the Colorado leaves if you have one (or mail me a leaf if you don’t & I’ll scan it in) and I’ll publish it here with your comment.

    I love the changing seasons… & how the different energy of each is reflected in its landscape.

    I lived in Vermont for many years (those beautiful green hills still feel like ‘home’ to me, even all these years later) and the seasonal changes there were absolutely magnificent.

    The change is a bit more subtle in northern California, but it’s still there… today it was all foggy and silver and grey, and still beautiful.

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