Beauty as Cosmic Wholeness

Because I love it, I often use this quote from Matthew Fox as my email signature:

“… all experience of beauty is experience of cosmic wholeness, of harmony. Beauty is microcosmic intuition of macrocosmic reality.”

One day I got a wonderful note from my friend Sherrin Ann Bennett (who is so amazing I wish she had a blog or a website so I could link to it and you too could see her light shine), commenting on it …

Fox says:

"All experience of beauty is experience of cosmic wholeness, of harmony."

Sherrin Ann responds:

"It touches that deep sense in which beauty opens the window of my
own awareness connecting with whatever I give my attention to the


"Beauty is the microcosmic intuition of macrocosmic reality."


"Yes, it is the wonder of irrevocable Oneness that brings me to my knees.

The strange thing is that beauty doesn’t seem to be inherent in the form I see. 
She reveals herself anywhere, even the crack of the sidewalk beneath my feet.

Beauty’s presence flows from heartfelt gratitude for life, just as it is, in the moment that I find myself.

She is the presence of the Infinite in ordinary things, the indescribable presence that makes the familiar extraordinary.

The music of my heart’s gratitude invites Beauty to dance in the arms of whatever I behold.

I used to think that Beauty was only for the wealthy. Now, She
dances with love in the simplest of moments whenever I offer my
attention in appreciation of Her grace.

Calling forth Beauty, or simply noticing where she reveals
Herself, is an awareness of heaven on earth that nourishes and sustains

Thank you, Sharon!



  1. Just when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and isolated in self-imposed aloneness…I open my email and there patiently awaiting my arrival is a new posting in the Beauty Dialogues ~ “Thank You” Amy for sharing your Heart…Love…and Grace by taking the time and energy to create and honor such Beauty. I Love seeing the World through Your Lense…

    And “Thank You” Sharon for Heart-felt words and reminders that Beauty is all around us…it is the one thing that is constant in this ever changing World.

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