Delighted by Beauty

I SO love having a camera as part of my eye …


"There is a crack,
There is a crack
in everything.
That is where
the light gets in."
~ Leonard Cohen


  1. Amy
    thank you so much for sharing your insights at the Conference. I’m sitting here in Minnesota (remember me?) with photography friends who are loving your blog, your images and your experiences. Of course, being a former ten year San Francisco resident I’m wishing I was there. Best regards from four California wannabees

  2. Thanks for the great recap of Me Rah Koh’s excellent session. I linked to it and have been forwarding it on to friends who didn’t get to attend. Great meeting you at BlogHer.

  3. Wendy, Of course I remember you, thanks for posting! I love thinking about you there with a bunch of friends “getting” what I’ve been experiencing by reading these posts. It’s great to be here and able to share what I’ve heard and learned! I would be great to meet all of you there next year! πŸ™‚

    And Lisa, Thanks so much! I’m glad you’re finding the “report” useful, and it was great meeting you too!

  4. hi Amy, hope you are enjoying your vacation!?! Thanks for the posts . .. the L. Cohen quote is one of my extra-favorites, and is that a rock or rock turning into giant frog/rock, (color suggestibility, no doubt) the texture, along with colors in water too, are really wild, gorgeous. as always, thanks for offerings . . .

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