Beach Walks

Video blogger Roxi Darling has her own version of Beauty Walks… "Beach Walks with Rox: A Little Aloha Every Day!" She ruminates about all sorts of subjects while walking along the beach in Kailua playing with her dog Lexi. ‘Secret Cameraman’ Shane Robinson is there to video her, and together they broadcast the results online.

They’ve been doing the Beach Walks for years now, so there are some fabulous archives. I love this one, about the importance of physical exercise for brain function:


  1. Hi Amy,

    Thanks so much for cross-posting this episode. I really liked it, and loved how the elderly guy just showed up, as if on cue. This happens so often on Beach Walks, the unscripted gems of life just keep playing with us.

    I really appreciate your sharing the beauty of Hawaii with your readers and raising the cred for the topic of beauty in general.

    See you on The Reef!


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