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Recently I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with the Center for Digital Storytelling. These guys are fabulous – very caring and knowledgeable individuals that in this case managed to draw out beautiful, personal, moving stories from each of the dozen attendees. Even more impressive, they shepherded us into making them finished videos in only 3 days.

It was a crazy adventure for me because I was trying to subvert the system and do something that could be useful for the intensive Digital Arts & Community course I'm teaching next month with FireHawk for Hartnell College, down in Salinas Valley. I didn't think the "personal story" form that Center for Digital Storytelling is geared towards was going to work for that purpose, but as it turned out doing anything less would not have been taking advantage of their wisdom and skill. It also probably wouldn't have been as good as what I ended up with, either. Have a look – it's only 2 1/2 minutes – but be sure to stay through the end, where there's a little surprise:

European Salon

Just 10 days or so ago I was in Reichenau an der Rax in Austria (an hour or so outside of Vienna) for a European Salon put on by World Cafe colleagues.


Stunned by the beauty of this lovely country, I was once again moved by the beauty of the human heart as we naturally and collectively answered the gravitational pull towards deep connection and the spontaneous expression of community.


The latter (community) was my particular passion and interest for this salon, which was focused on the themes of dialogue, leadership and community. Several of us spent some time exploring a definition of community that could address the range of new community forms being created by the reality of geographic dispersal.

I was fascinated to find a direct connection, in practice, between the depth of community that was formed and the other two themes of the event – leadership and dialogue. It was through our experiment in shared leadership – a truly collaborative expression – that our powerful sense of community was forged.

I am continually amazed by this human need and drive to find depth and connection through dialogue – we hosted an online World Cafe on the subject of community – "What is your most powerful experience of community and what were the elements that made it so?" – using my new favorite "tech tool", the extremely simple to use MaestroConference. Once again, I was absolutely stunned at both the depth of our inquiry – from the roots of community to the historical and contemporary rituals that bring us into or out of it – and the feeling of true connection it engendered among a group of virtual strangers, or at least we were when we began.

“If I ran the Internet”

In one of the superb series of TED videos sponsored by BMW, performance poet Rives shares this yummy juicy poem – “If I ran the Internet”:

TED is currently sponsoring a number of videos on the subject of happiness, and what makes us happy, no doubt inspired by the ground-breaking “Happiness and Its Causes” FREE conference coming up this week in San Fransisco (don’t miss it!). One of the TED Happiness videos is of journalist Carl Honoré, talking about the slow movement, and slowness as a key to happiness.

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is not something most people know much about, and that’s not good, because in this case what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

This video, although a little long at 10 minutes, gives a great overview of the issue. If you don’t have the bandwidth and want something a little shorter and punchier (3.5 minutes), check out this one. But please do inform yourself about what net neutrality means, because it’s an issue that effects us all and right now we still have a choice in the matter.