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Adding images to your
page can work miracles…

An image breaks up blocks of text, adds color and
interest, illustrates your points, and introduces another language to
reinforce your core messages.

Visual content is often even more effective at conveying the essence of
your meaning than words are. Together, they make a powerful combination.

Expand your concept of what an image is. Not just photographs and
illustrations – even list bullets and line separators can be beautiful.
Use graphs and cartoons if they are appropriate. Try blocks of color, or
background images. Beautiful or enlarged font types can as images; so
can highlighted text.

Use your Imag(e)ination.


Images begat Text begat Images

I’m home from vacation full of more image poems (my whole trip was a juicy photographic orgy, if the truth be known) and in catching up with my reading today I was excited to read a post by Barbara Ganley talking about the inter-play between her blogging and her photography… how one will spring naturally from the other, and how the two enrich each other and together create something new.

So here are my two image poems, my "something new" flowing from holiday reveries – immersed in the beauty of nature with my Canon 40D eyes on…

Held within the stone, radiating light & absorbing heat … flesh against flesh, carved in situ, like a Michelangelo.

A merman emerging, dreaming this moment into being.


Totally absorbed in the sparkling element … through this baptism flesh leaves its solid form and enters the life of the spirit – just for that one perfect moment – awash between spheres and blessed by leaves – he floats in the liquid now.