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May the Light and Love of this season grow in our hearts and expand out to embrace all that exists. May we walk in Beauty, all of us, as we celebrate the holidays and step into this new year.

37 Days

Another gem sent from beauty-sister Nancy White (who launched her new blog site yesterday!) – this one a joyously inspiring blog by writer Patti Digh. Her blog is called 37 Days, and it’s about what we would be doing today if we only had 37 days to live; in other words, what’s really important in life.

This is an especially poignant message for me, as my friend Kay has gotten the results from a test determining why her markers are up – the cancer has returned and there is a small tumor right in the middle of her pancreas. Options are limited at this point, so we are very focused on exploring them thoroughly. Spirit willing, we have more than 37 days, but remembering what’s really important in life has never felt quite so apt as it does now.

The Will to Live

A close friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, one of these rare and particularly scary types of cancer that galvanizes one’s full attention. Here’s a quote she shared with me this morning from a book she’s reading:

"A diagnosis of cancer is a personal encounter with the will to live… the impulse toward wholeness and integrity that is buried in the heart of every living thing."

My friend, who has stepped up to this challenge with incredible
courage, has articulated her ‘impulse towards wholeness and integrity’
in a number of ways. One of which is a great deal of consciousness
about her physical surroundings, making sure her home feels truly
harmonious and reflects the integrity and beauty of her inner life, as
well as the specificities of her history and ‘place’ in the world.
Another is to bring out all those beautiful things she owns and display
or use them, rather than keep them safely stored for ‘special’ times.

In the threat of death, she’s discovered the secret of life … to
give herself up to life fully; to look for & experience the
wholeness and harmony in every moment.

She’s never been more beautiful.