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The Beauty That is Right in Front of You

This quote by Neal Stephenson comes to me sometimes when the evening news is too full of murder and greed, or my heart stumbles too close to the edge of despair:

"Nothing is more important than that you see and love the beauty that is right in front of you, or else you will have no defense against the ugliness that will hem you in and come at you in so many ways."

As if in response to the need Stephenson identified, Christóbal Vila's 3.75 minutes of healing beauty balm, reminding us that indeed beauty is all around us if only we have eyes to see it:

from my home to yours…


May the Light and Love of this season grow in our hearts and expand out to embrace all that exists. May we walk in Beauty, all of us, as we celebrate the holidays and step into this new year.

Silvi Alcivar

This is a delightful video about a magical poet, Silvi Alcivar. Silvi conjures spontaneous poetry from a red Royal typewriter and her immaculate mind, for hire at $15/poem (order online from the poetry store).

You will never find a better deal.

She does events too. I've experienced her work at two of them, and she absolutely transforms the space.

a desire for words from silvi alcivar on Vimeo.


Changing the World with Online Design

design is a crucial element in any online
– it makes a difference to our experience even
when we aren’t consciously aware of it. In design that consciously
focuses on beauty, that
difference can be significant.

Paying attention to beauty in
your design doesn’t just mean crafting a pleasing surface – though
Goddess knows a pleasing surface can be delightful. Beauty that reflects
a deeper multi-dimensional integrity can help ‘humanize’ technology;
its presence creates a welcoming environment where people want to stay
and play.

Designing with beauty in mind means paying attention to
the details, all the way through the process. Even things that seem
‘invisible’ like clean code, or keeping in right relationship with your
readers, clients and vendors inevitably ripples through to what can be
seen. Offering a clear navigation structure relaxes the mind; leaving
plenty of white space gives spaciousness and focuses attention on what
is important. All of it matters.

Beauty itself is full of
life and promise – it reflects an implicate wholeness, speaks to our
senses and connects us with nature. If we keep beauty at the center of
our lives and work, we can’t go wrong. 

Whether you design online
spaces for a living like I do, need a web presence that reflects your
professional needs and personal sensibility, have a community you want
to support and nurture, or just want a cool profile page on FaceBook, my Squidoo lens has some ideas and resources to inform & inspire
you in bringing more beauty to your online communications.

Join the Beauty Revolution
today! Do your part to Beautify the World Wide Web!

(Thanks to Nancy
for the glorious photo that graces this post)