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First Sweet Peas

This morning’s beauty walk revealed a sweet pea vine filled with a zillion little fragrant blossoms – they’re some of my favorite flowers, and these are the first I’ve seen this year.

I can’t render the nectar of their scent in this medium, tant pis, but here is a scan of one little cluster of blooms…

It’s a poor substitute for the real thing, I know, but I hope it triggers a memory (especially of this divine smell) or gives you reason to smile.

My Neighbor’s Garden

My retired neighbor Grover’s house on the corner is graced by an abundant vegetable garden. This modest city-sized plot is a scene of endless transformation as he rotates his beds, alternately unloading bags of composted manure, tilling nutrients into the soil, planting seeds, and harvesting their fruit. What an invaluable community resource for gardeners, beauty-lovers, and all those children (and adults!) who don’t yet know the miracle of where food comes from.

Here’s what captured my eye in Grover’s garden on this morning’s beauty walk:


Standing Stones

This stone is from the inner circle of a double ring of standing stones in the Berkeley marina that my friend Christopher Castle turned me on to during a beauty walk the other day.


By the way, this photograph is one of the series of loose images I chose for my final digital photography class project, which you can see displayed on my photoblog… check out the fliptychs I made from photos of the Dresden trip!

Beauty Walk

I’ve started taking time each day, usually first thing in the morning, to get outside and walk for a half-hour or so with the express purpose of noticing the beauty around me.

I almost always bring my camera, which gives me such a feeling of joy because it allows the astounding beauty I see to be shared with others. Today I was really aware of spring coming…

I was shocked to find I’d almost missed the ornamental cherry blossoms – already the outer petals are starting to turn brown and curl away.