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Vote for Hope

I got turned on to this great Flash video in David Sibbet’s blog this morning… It’s another great example of new media and creativity in the service of something that matters. And this is something that matters a lot right now, even if the recent debates have been less than electric.

Barack Obama’s passionate speech in this video reminds me why I want him to be our next president.

Obama ’08 – Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.

Seeded Conversations

I’ve been working on a project with the Collective Wisdom Initiative that really exemplifies the ‘new way of being’ online that I was describing the other day…. and we launched this week.

Seeded Conversations‘ start with short evocative pieces of text or imagery that explore the field of collective wisdom, from which a few specific questions are posed to catalyze a deeper response to the material. The invitation is to listen for the ‘collective thought’ you sense gathering in the pieces themselves and whatever others have added before you… and add your part to the emergent whole.

It’s an experiment in a very different way of engaging online, and I’m excited by the possibilities. If the initiative intrigues you too you’re welcome to come play.