Sacred & the Mundane

I was suffering with a bad hair day-after-a-haircut when a friend took pity on me and brought me to a small salon in Mill Valley she’d just discovered, run by two beautiful women who she thought might be able to help.

Their salon was as beautiful as they were, and quirky. Named ‘Sacred’ it was all fresh flowers and icons and prayer cards amidst ornate French ironwork, country wood floors and comfortable chairs. There was a waiting room with a plump couch and magazines, fresh lemons in the ice water and a plate of fancy chocolates.

My mood began to improve immediately…

Even though we didn’t have an appointment, they were very happy to see us. Michelle was free and said she’d be happy to
see what she could do for me. When we asked, she said she wouldn’t
charge – just ‘see what she could do’.

So I sat down and first she just
held my head in her hands for a moment, looking in the mirror at the situation. Then she thanked me for trusting her
with my hair…

Not only was that one of the most wonderfully affirming and completely
relaxing welcomes I’ve ever received in a hair salon, she was an excellent at her craft and
in a few snips worked a miracle with my hair.

I believe I’ve finally found my ideal hair cutter… Which is great because I’ve been searching for her for several years now. It’s amazing to me how these simple things – beauty, kindness, generosity – make all the difference in the world.

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