BlogHer08 – Day Two: ShutterSisters

It turns out that some of the coolest people I’ve met here at BlogHer are part of a collective of women photographers called Shutter Sisters, so when I saw they were hosting a photo shoot in the streets of San Francisco, I decided to drop the other session options and go for the fresh air.

It was great to be outside, even though the skies are uncommonly grey right now, and fun to explore the city from another’s point of view (our group had a local tour guide who took us on a quick loop through Chinatown). Here’s some of what I saw out there:







  1. This morning as I stopped for a few moments, gazed at the beautiful pictures on your BLOG, I again gave thanks. We live in a time when we see and hear news of such magnitude that can cause us pain and suffering. Life can be so unfair. And then it is the simple things, like taking in the beautiful color and complexity of a flower, or our moon which currently shines so brightly over all the world. On this fall Sunday morning, I can take in a breath with joy and knowing that life is worth every precious moment. And I’ll sign up to Squidoo but girl I wouldn’t call myself a geek! Hugs, Ronita

  2. You took some great shots from the walk. I also went on the walk and loved walking through Chinatown. I ended up with a few favorites from about 100 photos I took on the walk.

  3. I love that shot thru the meat window. I was so sad not to be able to take that walk (I was wrangling mics at a different session). We talked briefly before Me Ra Koh’s presentation. Looking forward to reading more.

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