Light has been following me around for weeks now…
I think it’s in love with me, the way it wraps itself in alluring fabric and wafts by casually with side-long glances until I can’t help but stare, fascinated.

She’s taken to coming by my room every morning at the crack of dawn
sparkling outside my window, dancing with the leaves and tapping the edges of the glass with her long prismatic rays, enticing me to come out & play.

His blazing passion surprises me
with the heat of his heart’s desire through the short winter days, sharp shadows harboring potential secrets and drawing me in for shelter.

She’s back again at dusk,
her richness overflowing onto the surface of every living thing – the sky, the grass, the tress, the red wagon parked next to the house and the green garden hose, coiled like a snake. The depth of her joy makes each one glow with intensity.

He sweeps in with the stars in the night sky
and torches lamps in every house, whole neighborhoods laid out like the warp of a glittering carpet at my feet as I look down from his height.

She’s my playmate, my friend;
he’s become my shy lover, my demanding muse…

I guess I can admit it now.
I’m totally in love with it; this light, this electric flame illuminating all things and filling my life with an iridescent shimmering that never sleeps, but stays humming its sweet song through my dreams.

She’s woven herself into my skin and I can’t go anywhere without her.
There is nothing more fascinating to me, no pleasure more compelling, no companion more dear.

We’ve taken to sweeping across the night sky together now;
long glittering tails of color streaming behind us … falling to the earth like jewels that sprout and blossom in rash profusion on the ground.

I can no longer tell where I leave off and she begins,
this light-being we have become.
This light-being we have become
encompasses all I’ve ever been or will ever know,
and each day is created new for us.


  1. Very beautiful poem! It almost made me feel and see and touch the light! Light is always love for those to cherish our world`s miracles. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem!

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