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The Earth is Our Mother

This note was sent out by my old friend Crow (aka Bruce Taub) to honor Mother’s Day earlier this year, but it is just as relevant today.

“All the stones around here, each has a language of its own … and our Earth has a song.”
~ Wallace Black Elk

I believe we are children of explored stars … children of the great first mother.  I believe every tree, plant, insect, and animal is a child of the stars. I believe every tree, plant, insect, and animal “talks.”  I believe rocks talk … and oceans and rivers talk. When I am alone in nature and listen I hear voices – my own, birds’, trees’, rocks’.  The energy each of us emits in life is simply a manifestation of our being alive … and is received by all we touch.  It cannot be otherwise.  So too, the energy emitted by other beings, even rocks, is received by us, and manifests the consciousness and wisdom of that other being in us.  Each and every entity on Earth has wisdom to share and a tale to tell. 

The Earth is our Mother.  Let us honor her, as we honor all our ancestors, and the stars from which we’ve emerged, and the heavenly material from those now dead stars which constitutes us … stone and bee, whale and bird … sisters and brothers all, the very same heavenly material in each and every one of us.  Then let us bow, every rock and every leaf our teachers.

With gratitude to the indigenous people, without whom i might not have known these truths, to my friends who are teachers, and to the reminder of these truths provided by Martha Fast Horse. Happy Mother’s Day each and all.



“Stream near Love’s Falls”, photo by Amy Lenzo


Baby Bath

Check out this mesmerising video of a baby having its first bath that I found in Elephant Journal. Nothing really happens and it goes on for 5 minutes, but something about it was so peaceful and soothing that it put me in a state of bliss. Bliss is good, so I'm sharing it here in case it will work for you, too.

from my home to yours…


May the Light and Love of this season grow in our hearts and expand out to embrace all that exists. May we walk in Beauty, all of us, as we celebrate the holidays and step into this new year.

It’s a New Day!

Like about 300 million other Americans and countless others all over the world, I spent much of this historic day glued to the TV for the inauguration ritual celebrations. Like so many others I found myself choking up with tears and the courage to hope for a new day in America. I felt pride and a sense of gratitude towards my countrymen and women who helped elect this good man.

In his powerfully direct yet compassionate and inclusive inaugural speech, Obama didn't balk at the immense amount of work in front of us, nor did he give us false promises that it would be easy. But I couldn't help but feel if anyone can pull this self-obsessed nation together and inspire us to make the changes that are imperative for our survival, and the survival of others on this planet, he can.

Part of the excitement for me is how beautifully Obama's election is galvanizing the people and organizations I am part of. Basking in the glow of the new president's idealism, there seems to be an explosion of optimism and a feeling that this is "our time"… to have the conversations we've needed to have, to reach out to each other, work together, and begin to rebuild our country.

Just this evening, I received this video from the new Soul of Money website, revealing the silver lining in the current economic crisis that no one seems to be acknowledging yet.